Kuki Christian Church

Faith Commitment, history and achievement

The birth of the Kuki Christian Church is the result of faith discovery and Biblical research. The faith in Christ is the fact that Jesus Christ personally declared, acted upon and died for the faith we embrace. The aim of Kuki Christian Church (1) is to demonstrate the One indivisible Church family of God, (2) first bring together all Kuki Christians into the One Christian Church, and (3) then speak the One biblical Church to other ethnic groups, or neighbours. To carry out the One Christian Church plans are the following, and what has been done thus far.

1.      We believe that the Church, the family of God and the foundation of faith, is one as Christ is one and undivided. We also discovered that this unshakable faith statement is biblically sound (apostolic teaching of Paul and other first generation Christians) and culturally relevant. We also believe that the church belongs to God and Christ and we human are the members/body/participant to this family of God.

2.      We also believe that as members of Christ immaculate body, we have an active role to play for the restoration of the Church in its original state spreading this important image of the church among the fragmented Christians, especially first among the Kuki Christians. Kukis, by nature, are one although consists of various sub-tribes/clans. Through marriage, and other cultural ties, there exists a strong and dynamic cultural unity and solidarity within Kuki community and we believe that this oneness/solidarity is directly relevant to the doctrine of Church Restoration. So we believe that we are bound to spread this mandate to our people first and then extend to others.

3.      Indirect means established to learning and acting for one Christian Church.

The Kuki Christian Church taking steps, for teaching and demonstrating the One Christian Church family of God (3) by action are:

(1)   Declaration has been made of the One Christian Church family of God on 08 April 1979 at Chalwa village, the present Tamenglong District of Manipur State in India. The declaration has been carried out after twenty years of research work (1959-1979) and various consultative meetings.

(2)  After 20 years of rigorous research work and consultations, resulting to the biblical One Christian Church, the family of God, the Kuki Christian Church has been doing what it would for making known the one biblical Christian Church to all divided Christians in the region and beyond. As the result of various religious meetings, consultations and so on, the Kuki Christian Church was able to achieve its faith commitment among the Meiteis, Vaipheis, Lengmeis, Nepalis, Kacharis, Reangs, Darlongs and many others. Therefore, the achievement of our faith commitment is neither influenced by westerners nor imported from other nations. It is rather indigenous, in-born, faith seeking understanding and action.

(3)  The benevolent Services are carried out visibly in the Spirit of one brotherhood in the Lord Jesus Christ without any kind of bar among humanity. So far this Spirit is kept up by the gracious guidance of the Spirit of God.

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