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Educational Institution Project: Rs. 10 Crores (approx.)

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Kuki Christian Church Theological Education project has two theological institutions, namely Trulock Theological Seminary (TTS) and Restoration Theological College (RTC) with a view to train young men & women for the ministry of the Church and society. TTS was started in 1982, accredited by Asia Theological Association to teach B.Th. and eventually M.Div. courses. The Senate of Serampore College (University) also affiliated the seminary as an institution to teach B.Th. and later BD courses. RTC was started in 2011 to exclusively run ATA courses when the Senate of Serampore College strongly discouraged dual affiliation.

The two institutions, apart from teaching theological subjects required to fulfil the norms laid down for the various degrees, give emphasis to teach courses on Church Restoration Theology, a subject which is not taught anywhere in this part of the world. The need is now strongly felt that the two institutions should be nurtured and equipped so that this important subject of Church Restoration Theology may be upgraded as befitting research area at the postgraduate level.

Faculty position:- Eighteen full-time faculty members at present are actively engage in teaching while seventeen non-teaching staff serve in various capacities. With the increase in students more faculties will be required

Library Needs: Book holding in the library is much less (approximately 10,000 vols), in spite of our earnest effort, than we would like to have. Much concerted effort is underway, while soliciting partnership with anyone willing to be part of this noble cause.

Infrastructure & other facilities: While it is manageable to start postgraduate studies in terms of the existing physical establishment at present, however, we need more improvements and upgradations in hostel facilities, class room equipments, building married students’ quarters, etc.

Lump sum estimate for upgradation of the institution is Rs. 10 Crores.

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