KCC has it's outreach ministries in the states of Assam,Manipur, Nagaland, and Tripura.


KCC has it’s center in Songpijang, North Cachar district of Assam since October 23, 2004.

With the growth of the church and its activities, today Kuki Christian Church, Assam has made its outreach mission and has established a Nepali Christian church, a Cachari Christian Church with church buildings of their own.


Co-exist with the headquarter, KCC Manipur functions its daily activities at KCC Office, Church Raod, Imphal. KCC Manipur Synod has members in all the districts of Manipur with more than 200 churches or 50,000 members. KCC Manipur Synod is financially sound and continue to support the varied ministries of KCC.


The Kuki Christian churches in Nagaland also keep growing in quantity by planting some more new Kuki Christian churches and other small churches amongst other ethnic groups. The Kuki Christian Church in Nagaland wanted to build a centre at Dimapur town, and by God’s grace a centrally located land was generously donated by Pu (L) Thangkhokai Hangsing and family. In this land, Kuki Christian Church has now constructed a building for its center. KCC also runs two schools in the state, one school located at Ahthibung which is called High School in India, another High School at Molvom Centre. The Christian Church here also has a sub centre at Ghaspani, which is now changed to Medziphema. Including the centre building at Molvom village with its other adjoining buildings of the school, the building at Dimapur, Ahthibung and Mezephema, Nagaland Kuki Christian Church has as of now more than five buildings.


Kuki Christian Church started working in Tripura since December 5,1999 at Khakchang village, a village made as a refugee camp. As per the need of the activities and for its smooth functioning a Christian centre building was inaugurated on November 18, 2001 at Damcherra town.

Though the building is small yet provision for school, kitchen and guest room has been made at this Christian centre with limited space. With the increase in work and other activities the land has become small, and extension of the centre for upgrading the school up to Class ten has become a necessity as this is the only Christian run English medium school in this part of the State.


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